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In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful 

Islamic Moments is a design-led British stationery boutique offering carefully curated Islamic stationery for today's discerning customer.

Honoured to introduce the concept of Islamic Greeting Cards to British shores since 2004, we house the largest collection of Islamic cards & stationery in the UK.

Our brand is known for its clean and contemporary style. We are very proud to have grown our collection to more than 300 design-led products, which can be found in over 34 countries worldwide from departmental stores, high-end gift boutiques and independent bookshops.

With an unrivalled emphasis on quality and attention to detail, our creative team bring to you each season a beautifully crafted collection of meaningful faith inspired stationery and gifts. All our products are designed, printed and produced with extreme dexterity and skilled craftmenship in the UK.

Our growing desire for a more balanced way of life makes it all the more important for us to source ethical materials for our products. Our cards and notebooks are printed on FSC accredited board, using wood pulp from carefully managed and sustainable forests. 

We are dedicated to personal customer service and hope that your online experience will be of the upmost pleasurable nature.

made in england